Same Sex Marriage

Available Services

Life Coaching

Our life coaches support you with individualized guidance focused to improve your life, make better choices, and achieve your goals. You may be wondering if coaching is right for you so contact us for a consultation.

Officiant Services

Officiants here work with the engaged couple to create a wedding ceremony that reflects your individual preferences and style. Weddings performed vary from elaborate, formal ceremonies, casual, to comforting ceremonies for traditional ceremonies, commitment ceremonies and specialty ceremonies. Indoors or outdoors weddings are performed as well, the choice is yours.

Celebration of Life

Let’s be honest, the image of a traditional funeral doesn’t bring up too many happy thoughts. You’re probably now visualizing people sitting around in black listening to mournful eulogies and prayers.

But have you ever asked, why does the loss of someone have to be so sad and morbid?

Well, there’s a growing movement of people who question this. And they want to acknowledge a loved one’s passing through a celebration of life with us assisting with the hosting and planning process.

Career Planning & Changes

Navigate career transitions, earn promotions, and plan your long-term career. Develop the leadership skills and executive presence needed for career growth and skill development.

Parenting Support

Parent coaching is a short-term intervention that provides naturalized, blended, foster, adoptive, and kinship parents and other caregivers with hands-on, strategies-and-now tools for bringing about improvement in their child’s behavior. Using a strategic plan customized to each family, coaches work with caregivers,  to teach methods and tools that promote a strong family dynamic, communication, and confidence while encouraging the display of positive behaviors. 

Retirement Planning

Are you retiring? Let us help you plan activities and social interactions to assist with maintaining your mental and physical health.

Educational Planning

Educational planning strives to research, develop, implement and advance policies, programs, and reforms within educational institutions. Educational planners work at the local, national or international level to advance or improve education. While educational planning is focused on "Next Level Educational Plans", you could also focus interest on technical training or professional certifications. 

Marriage Support

Desire to maintain your healthy marriage? We offer one-on-one meetings and when comfortable an invitation to join us for support groups to meet other local people who are in need of marriage support. Gather with those who are involved in troubled marriages for advice sharing, companionship, and to discuss the best ways to work things out while staying in your marriage.

Entrepreneurial Services

The knowledge and experience to equip you to meet your business goals. We promote an entrepreneurship community that is diverse, robust, and makes an impact on the local economy.


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