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The Equality Act: What is will do?

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Equality matters as LGBTQ+ communities begin to marry and embark on the journey toward building families. No family wants to began this process without having the stability of a career.

Welcome the future that begins today!!!! We are one community spread across a nation with many common goals. We also have many barriers in common and it is time that that we link together to identify the common concerns and address them.

Do you inspire to keep your job? Should employers be able to fire or terminate your employment because of your sexuality, sexual preference, or how you choose to identify?

Carter Brown has chosen to be apart of the change we need to see for future sustainability with in the LGBTQ+ community. His actions to address concerns that he has identified to be a cause effecting many was identified by the Human Rights Campaign. Carter Brown, who was fired from his job because he is trans, urged before Congress to pass the Equality Act during the bill's first-ever Congressional hearing. Hats off to you Sir for your continued effort in this matter.

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